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A Plea To My Sisters

President Nelson discusses the importance of women and their divine role in the kingdom of God.

Local MP Visits Youth Helping Hands

Around 100 youth and leaders took part in a service project to help in the Northampton local community.

The Sabbath Day at Church

By making the Sabbath holy we can take joy in it and experience many blessings that God is anxious to pour upon us.

Hearts Bound Together

President Henry B. Eyring helps us appreciate the blessings and joy we can experience when pursuing our family history.

Opportunities to Help

President Thomas S. Monson helps us to identify opportunities for service.

Do I Believe?

If these things are true, then we have the greatest message of hope and help that the world has ever known.

For the Strength of Youth - Music 2016

Music for The Rising Generation - Download songs from the 2016 Mutual theme album, written by our youth.

Call for Applications to a Seminar for Young LDS Members in Europe

This initial seminar will encourage such engagement by giving a group of young European Mormons a rigorous but intimate setting in which to consider the implications of their own faith.

Refuge from the Storm

Read Elder Patrick Kearon's inspiring General Conference talk 'Refuge from the Storm'

Refuge from the Storm

This moment does not define the refugees, but our response will help define us.

Europe Area Presidency welcomes new second counselor

As of Monday, August 1, 2016, Elder Gary B. Sabin will be the newest member of the Europe Area Presidency, serving as second counselor to Elder Patrick Kearon, President of the Europe Area of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

If I can do it so can you – Margarida

Margarida invited her non-member friend to Church