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Listen to the words of modern-day church leaders and apostles of Jesus Christ as they speak at the April 2018 worldwide conference.
Special Broadcast for the United Kingdom and Ireland on the 12th of April 2018
Elder Neil L. Andersen reminds us of the opportunity we have to hear the voice of the Lord through His chosen servants at General Conference.
The account of Thomas Davies, from Shrewsbury to Salt Lake City
Retired couple brave the heat and spiders in Australia to serve other people.
Mormons believe that the Doctrine in Covenants is a sacred book of scripture meant for our day. Learn more about what Mormons believe about the Doctrine and Covenants.
See how Segundo is able to find work and bless the lives of others through his participation in and instruction of the My Job Search course.
Given the complexities of today’s world, achieving self-reliance is often felt as a daunting pursuit. However, if seen from the perspective of faith, it is a conquerable goal.