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After decades of repairing hearts as a renowned heart surgeon and then touching hearts as an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, President Russell M. Nelson brings a steady hand and an unfailing love to his ministry as President of the Church.
President Nelson's 'Global Ministry Tour' started on the 12th April in the United Kingdom. Many saints gathered to watched the live broadcast from the Hyde Park chapel in their Stake and Ward buildings. There was an overwhelming message of love. “We're bringing the love of the Lord to the people, and they will learn to love each other,” said President Russell M. Nelson. Visit to learn more about the day's events.
Montse was able to turn her life around spiritually and professionally, after attending the Education for a Better Job course.
Discover the blessings of Finding an Ancestor as you search for members of your family tree.
The Book of Mormon can help to bring you closer to the Saviour in your daily life.
Life has many uncertainties but one thing is certain, that we are all invited to come unto Christ no matter who we are and no matter our circumstances.
Elder M. Russell Ballard outlines what we do as followers of Christ and members of His Church.
Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson reminds us of the importance of limiting our time on personal devices in order to serve others.