To Bring Us to Him

    To Bring us to Him

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    “I would that ye should come unto Christ ... and partake of his salvation, and the power of his redemption.”

    Omni 1:26


    • Follow the Prophet
    • Invite a Friend to Sacrament Meeting
    • Take an Ancestor to the Temple


    • Review talks from general conference.

    • Commit to do as the Prophet teaches and assess your efforts each Sabbath.

    • Prayerfully seek ministering opportunities.

    • Invite friends to our homes, sacrament and other meetings to learn of Christ.

    • Share online Church messages with friends.

    • Focus ward council on how to help members and friends progress.

    • Strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ by thoughful Sabbath day observance and conduct your life so you are worthy of a temple recommend.

    • Use FamilySearch to identify ancestors who need temple ordinances.

    • Take family names to the House of the Lord and help others to do so.


    Indicators of Progress

    Ward and stake leaders will be able to measure progress by monitoring these key indicators from the Quarterly Report:

    • Ministering interviews
    • Endowed members with a current temple recommend
    • Sacrament meeting attendance
    • Members who submitted names of ancestors for temple ordinances


    The specific actions members should take to help individuals and families participate in the work of salvation are an important part of the area plan.

    Leaders: Members of coordinating, stake, and ward councils should prayerfully develop specific steps they will take to accomplish the area vision, priorities, and goals. Leaders are encouraged to prayerfully consider specific names of individuals to focus their attention on.

    Individuals and Families: Individuals and families are encouraged to set specific measurable goals on a small pocket card to help them focus their efforts on the three priorities of the area plan in their personal lives.

    Accountability and Follow Up: Area Seventies encourage stake presidents to develop meaningful ways to implement the area plan and continually follow up with them on their progress. Stake presidents in turn encourage bishops to work with priesthood and auxiliary leaders in developing ways to implement the area plan and likewise follow up and encourage them.