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Elder Jeffrey R Holland, visited Edinburgh (Sat 6 Jun and Sun 7 Jun) for a visit to local Church members and missionaries that coincided with the 175th Anniversary of the Church’s first baptisms in Scotland. 
New doors have been opened to three Dunfermline ward members, of the Dundee Scotland Stake, who have just graduated from a literacy course on 8 September 2013, which is also International Literacy Day.
Looking up at the peaks of Bennachie hill range in the north east of Scotland can be a daunting prospect for the average rambler. For Keith Turnbull it might as well have been Mount Everest!
When 20 year old Christine Watt, from Castle Rock, Colorado, learned that she had been called to serve a mission to Scotland, she couldn’t believe her luck.  Not just because she didn’t want to go to a hot country, but because she had a famous ancestor who had come from Scotland.