Local News Articles

    Chesterfield Ward collected donations at the Tesco store for that Poppy Appeal, raising its highest ever amount of £10,768 over the two-week campaign.
    For some months I’d experienced the feeling of missing something. It wasn’t a feeling of “I forgot something”, it was deeper.
    Acel Nebeker was on his way home from his mission when he found himself boarding a lifeboat with just minutes before the ship he was on sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean
    In the late 1970s, my wife and I lived in an area of Tunbridge Wells that would rarely be ‘tracked’ by full-time missionaries.
    Youth and YSAs had the privilege of meeting singer-songwriter and actor David Archuleta
    President Dave Checketts gave YSA’s hope for miracles as he shared his personal family witness of a miracle.
    To you my sons the Priesthood bearers. To you my sons the armour bearers .....
    John was a shoemaker from Leith who was among the first listening to Orson Pratt in 1840
    In 2018 many of our Church units held a special Remembrance Day sacrament meeting or participated in their local community’s wreath laying services
    Dee shares how his late wife was an example to him of how to make others happy
    A family history workshop provided something for everyone, from beginners to the more experienced. It taught how to begin your family history journey and how to use the resources that are available.
    Lizzie Thomas Edward from Wales had the opportunity to perform at the White House