Local News Articles

    Chorley Stake donated over 1000 pieces of clothing to people in need in Uganda
    Can you remember the feelings when someone sincerely shares their thoughts and experiences in Institute? Have you been touched by such stories?
    Jacob Poxon’s experience with family history work started a few years ago when he was fifteen working on his Duke of Edinburgh award
    Elder Steven E. Snow commented: “To me, Church history is one of the most exciting aspects of the gospel'
    Jay and Merrill Osmond, accompanied by their wives Karen and Mary, visited Sunderland Stake Centre
    The England Missionary Training Centre (MTC) in Chorley is now the only centre in Europe that helps train missionaries to preach the gospel when they are called to serve a mission in the Europe Area.
    The House of Commons recognises the work of the Church in East Kilbride for over 50 years of service
    Elaine Woodford likes to help people learn about their family history
    The Manchester, England Young Single Adult Ward held its first Sacrament Meetings in Mandarin
    After watching the plight of refugees on the news Relief Society Sisters began collecting clothes, toiletries and other items.
    Mary goes to Munich to find details about her Family History
    Ian's daughter's need for blood inspired him to donate 50 times.