Local News Articles

    It was my first priesthood meeting of 2019 and obstacles were being thrown at me to stop me from going
    A community carol concert held at the Coventry chapel on celebrated Christmas and remembered the sacrifice of Coventry’s young men in the Great War
    Twelve year old Henry Dean was elected by his peers to serve as a Member of the UK Youth Parliament representing the Isles of Scilly
    The name Ebenezer Beesley may be familiar from the LDS hymnbook, as the composer of a number of our current hymn tunes
    14-year-old Sam Carruthers is the youngest Royal British Legion Standard Bearer in Norfolk
    As a blind person, I’m so grateful for the opportunities the gospel has given me.
    A family history workshop provided something for everyone, from beginners to the more experienced. It taught how to begin your family history journey and how to use the resources that are available.
    Springtime is an opportunity to see Heavenly Father’s handy work in all its splendour.
    How a patriarchal blessing was lost and with no record of it in the archives of the Church there was little hope. Was a miracle about to happen?
    I was serving in the southern part of England when I had a crazy experience that taught me how to survive the rest of my mission!
    George from the North East of England was a fundamental instrument in the Church's worldwide microfilm efforts
    Church members attended a fireside at Hindley’s Prison with presentations from humble prisoners