Church History

    Elder Steven E. Snow commented: “To me, Church history is one of the most exciting aspects of the gospel'
    Acel Nebeker was on his way home from his mission when he found himself boarding a lifeboat with just minutes before the ship he was on sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean
    John was a shoemaker from Leith who was among the first listening to Orson Pratt in 1840
    Lizzie Thomas Edward from Wales had the opportunity to perform at the White House
    William became a prolific author of missionary tracts and Associate Editor of the Millennial Star
    Alongside their fellow countrymen, Latter-day Saints responded to the call to serve ‘King and Country’ during the Great War.
    The name Ebenezer Beesley may be familiar from the Latter-day Saint hymnbook, as the composer of a number of our current hymn tunes
    George from the North East of England was a fundamental instrument in the Church's worldwide microfilm efforts
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    A lost history was found, a stone was returned and the church has a prominent position in a Stirling Museum.
    The story of Charles and Moroni England who were living together in Heigham, Norfolk
    Colchester ward members, present and past, gathered together for a 60’s dance to celebrate and commemorate the dedication of their beautiful chapel