We live in times of great commotion. The daily news and our own personal challenges could make our courage fail and cause fear to overtake us. But prophets have taught that faith dispels fear and brings a brightness of hope. The scriptures define faith as a confidence and trust in Jesus Christ.
    1. Jesus Heals a Woman with an “Issue of Blood” As Christians, Mormons believe that since Jesus was the Son of God, He had power to heal. Mark 5:25–34 describes a woman who had suffered from an “issue of blood” for 12 years. She had seen many physicians, but her condition continued to worsen.
    The apostle Paul taught that all the law is fulfilled in one word: Thou shalt love [sic].True love, Paul continues teaching, comes from a pure heart and a faith unfeigned.
    As Christians, Mormons believe what Jesus Christ taught about repentance. Learn why Mormons believe that repentance can bring peace, hope, and joy.
    The Mormon religion teaches that prayer is one way we can draw closer to God. Learn more about what Mormons believe about prayer.
    The Saints had practiced plural marriage for half a century. Women and men had anguished over the decision to enter a principle that was alien to their religious upbringings and inclinations.
    The Dalkeith Ward in the Edinburgh Scotland Stake celebrated International Women’s Day on March 6th with an interfaith evening at the Dalkeith LDS church.
    The new President of the England London Mission - President Dave Checketts, gave YSA’s hope for miracles as he shared his personal family witness of a miracle.
    The Sabbath provides an unparalleled respite from the cares of our tumultuous world and a rest from our media bombarded lives. It is a time to slow down and enter a world of contemplation. The Sabbath is a sacred time just as much as the temple is a sacred place. It is a day to center on family, rejoice, bond and worship together. It is a day for spiritual development, a day to testify, a day ...
    13 June, 2017 The Book of Mormon is about God’s love for His children everywhere. Learn more about the Book of Mormon’s role in the history of Mormonism and how it can bless your life today.
    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church or Mormons) started with six members in the United States in 1830 and now has more than 15 million members worldwide, with more people joining the Church each year (see “Worldwide Statistics,” mormonnewsroom.org).Take a look at some additional information about the operation and growth of the Church around the world.
    Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is manifested in our choices, especially in the face of adversity. By holding to the iron rod, in the faithful Saints in Europe are reaping the fruits promised by the Lord and becoming more spiritually and temporally self-reliant.