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    1 Nephi 11–15 - “Armed with Righteousness and the Power of God”
    President Russell M. Nelson testifies of the worth of women and their essential role in God’s plan for His children.
    Church begins on Sunday, but does it end there? Imagine if church extended beyond the four walls of a building to inspire us every day.
    An exciting new venture for Watford England Stake was launched recently
    President Russell M. Nelson describes the joy we feel and the difference we can make from loving God’s children though service.
    13-19 January: 1 Nephi 8–10 - “Come and Partake of the Fruit”
    The purpose of this survey is to collect ideas and information that will better improve our digital online content. We hope to better understand which platforms are used most, and for what purpose, thus helping us in meeting the majority of online needs.
    Listen to uplifting music and spoken messages from the missionaries in the England Leeds Mission